ChildrensPictureBookReview.com was started by Emmy Abdul Alim in September 2018. Emmy started reviewing children’s picture books in July 2018 on Instagram @emmyloveschildrensbooks and quickly discovered she had a lot more to say about them than the 2,200 characters the social platform allows. She reviews the books with an eye on specific issues close to her head and heart: sustainability, inclusion and diversity. Emmy reviews books independently and is not paid for any of them either financially or in kind.

In “real life” Emmy is a news and features editor, and author of a finance book published by Wiley in 2013. Educated in Singapore and the United Kingdom, Emmy has an MBA and two BAs. She has lived and worked in a handful of countries: in her native Singapore, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. She returned to Singapore in Dec 2018 after living 15 years abroad. Emmy is on Twitter and Instagram as @emmyabdulalim.

Emmy started reading children’s picture books at this age (left) and continues through this age (right):

Emmy then – around 4/5 years old – and Emmy in September 2018.